GFI Clearing through the Envoy

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I found this information very helpful and thought it would be good for folks to know.

There was an inverter at one of my client's site that is now showing a GFI alert. There is no internet connection there, and because of that, when I called into Enphase, they said that there was nothing they could do without a web connection. But they mentioned that I could do this on my own at the site, without having internet. The Envoy has a local interface, like most routers, accessable using the IP address ( shows by default).

Once you're in the local interface of the Envoy,

1. Go to the Administrative section, and use the username and password combination (admin, admin)
2. Go to Devices Conditions and Controls, where a list of all the inverters at the site will be displayed.
3. Click on the serial number of the inverter that is showing the GFI alert.
4. Then on the next page, scroll down to find the "Clear GFI" button.
-Check the box next to it and click "Send Command"

Once the request has been made, Enphase said that the GFI should clear withing 30 minutes.

Hope this helps!!!

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Enphase Energy FAQ

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Enphase Energy FAQ

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Totally helps.

Logged into an Envoy locally for the first time and after fat fingering the admin password I was able to navigate around the site. I had a GFI on one unit on the very end of a branch.

Just looked it up on the devices and controls page, set it to clear GFI and after a large glass of water, the GFI had cleared. Pretty easy and saved me a call.

Solid red now blinking green

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Jim Bridges

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George and others. When you login to the local IP address of your panels, there are four tabs: Home, Production, Inventory and Administration. admin/admin worked for me although I don't find any problems. I was just curious as to what I would find there. It tells me that only a licensed solar profession should change the settings so I just backed off.