EMP impact on Enphase Inverters

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In case of a Solar ElectromagneticPulse (EMP) storm or manmade EMP, the electric grid could be out for an extended period of time. Anyone has any ideas on how to harden the Solar system against an EMP? Do we need to keep any spare parts, inverters, etc in faraday cage?

Roland Shahinllari

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Jagged Ben, Champion

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A few points...

If the grid is out, your Enphase system won't work anyway unless you have a fancy battery backup system.

There is usually a few hours warning from scientists if an EMP is on the way. Turning off your solar system upon hearing such a warning is probably 99% effective against any damage that it would suffer.

I don't think there's any need keep anything in a faraday cage. Any spare inverters that were simply kept in a box and not connected to the grid would be undamaged.

Marc Sobel

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Fortunately there is a lot of hype about an EMP. The range of a man made EMP is fairly limited but the affect in the US will be far bigger as society breaks down.
Yes you need the grid for the micro-inverter to function.
As for a sun flare our grid acts like a huge antenna and transformers step up and down applied voltages. The flare will push everything out of spec. The out of spec will destroy connected electronics so disconnect if possible.