Array of the Week: Vivint Solar

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This week's Array of the Week winner is Vivint Solar for a 5.17kW residential installation located in Kailua, HI.

This solar array is made up of 22 M215 Microinverters matched with Yingli 235W modules. Using Zep Solar mounting hardware, Vivint technicians were able to complete the installation in less than three hours.

Here is a video of Vivint technicians installing three PV arrays in one day, made possible by using Zep Solar-compatible Enphase microinverters.

The M215 Microinverter has given Vivint Solar great versatility and simplicity during the design process by allowing engineers to utilize multiple roof sections in the designs, often with different azimuths. Microinverters also offer install technicians safer installation conditions by not having to manage hazardous DC voltage runs.

Being a leading provider of simple, affordable solar solutions as well as an early adopter of the power purchase agreement (PPA) model, Vivint delivers solar systems to customers throughout North America. Backed by award-winning customer support and proven infrastructure, Vivint is dedicated to saving customers money and protecting the environment.

Congratulations to Vivint Solar for winning the Array of the Week!

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Jacob Michals, Community Manager

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Posted 2 years ago

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Ryan Ballard

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Looks great! Long day for your boys!

One question... what brand of retractable harnesses do you all use?

Andy Mack

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This install took me and my crew around 2 1/2 hours and we actually used guardian fall protective ropes and body harnesses not the retractable unfortunately.

Andy Mack

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Sorry i thought you were referring to the array of the week, for the time lapse video we used the ardvark retractable cables. :)

Adam Fisch

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Are you required to get rough inspections before installing the panels?

Jon Rector

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So who connected the panels to the main service panel? I don't see that in the video?

How much clearance do you have under the panels with Zep?

Ron Hardin

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Looks great how do you like the Zep. Ron Hardin SolarPower Systems Texas