Array of the Week: Chris McNamara of Supertopo

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This week’s Array of the Week winner is Chris McNamara founder of SuperTopo, an online site that helps to create the best climbing guidebooks. His 3.3 kW residential rooftop array is located in San Anselmo, Ca. The system was installed by Solarcraft Services, Inc.

The system consists of 14 M215's matched with Sharp Nu-Q235F4 modules on a flat roof. Chris has been a fan of solar for a very long time and being a avid climber, understands how important it is to protect the environment. His blog discusses why SuperTopo went solar and the benefits of doing so.

Here are a few quotes from Chris about Enphase:

"Our 3.3 KW system is composed of 14 Sharp 235 watt panels with Enphase microinverters. I went with the least expensive panels which happened to be Sharp. "

"I used the Enphase microinverters because I had some shading issues. If you have partial shading, you need either a microinverter ..... But even without the shade, I might have gone with the Enphase because they generate five to 15 percent more power than central inverters in the real-world monitoring cases I have heard about. More importantly, the Enphase lets you see how every panel is producing at every moment on your computer or iPhone, which is very cool..."

Please read more about Chris's install here:

Congratulations to Chris McNamara of SuperTopo!

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Jacob Michals, Community Manager

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Posted 2 years ago

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Photon Wrangler, Champion

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Way to go Chris. Solar energy has a long climb ahead. It's great to have you with us.

Jacob Michals, Community Manager

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Here are a few images from Chris's site. More to come!

Adam Rizzo

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Nice. Congratulations on going solar!

Brent Veitch

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Hi all, looks amazing! The Enlighten link tells me I'm not authorized...?



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Hi to everyone in the Enphase community and thanks Chris it was nice working with you. Great looking system, im glad to have been apart of the process from initial design down to the one on one customer walk through of the system. Looks great and thanks for choosing Chris and Solarcraft for system of the week.


Jacob Michals, Community Manager

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Hi Folks,

If the link above does not work, here is an updated one:

Chris sent some more photos of his site, take a look!

Chris McNamara

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Thanks Jayson, SolarCraft and Enphase. Great to be joining the solar community! Now I just have to figure out how to get panels on a roof in Tahoe. That has been a harder challenge with all the snow-load and tax credit issues. If anyone has links to Tahoe solar installers they have worked with please let me know. (I am in South Lake Tahoe)